AplanaticGregorianReflector - simple light flow model

An IBD showing a simplified light flow model for the block AplanaticGregorianReflector:
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Compare with this captioned figure:

The simplified representation is that light flows into the spatial zone represented by the telescope itself, then into the top of the tube, then to the primary mirror, then to the secondary mirror, then back to the hole of the primary mirror, out the "bottom" of the hole of the primary mirror, onto the eyepiece, and then out of the zone of the tube (which includes the entire eyepiece assembly) and out of the zone for the entire telescope.

The distant object that is the source of the light and the human eye that would observe the resulting image are not shown in this context, a higher context level would be needed for that.

To simplify the representation, no Ports have been used on eyepiece assembly, primary assembly, or secondary assembly. If you do this on a real telescope with assemblies with structure you'll quickly find out this short-cut is not valid!

For example, a secondary assembly usually has some kind of "spider" struts holding the secondary mirror, which impact the light on between entering the tube and first travelling to reflect off the primary mirror (causing diffraction spikes); the light should in fact also go in and out of dedicated Ports on the secondary assembly that represent this.

The affect of the assemblies on the light has been completed here for now so you can get the gist of the simple light flow model first.

Also, there is only one conveyed Classifier Light, the same on each ItemFlow, i.e. there is no representation of transformation of the light between elements yet (no use yet of 'itemProperty').

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