BDD & STM: HeaterControl

This diagram shows the Block HeaterControl with a supporting StateMachine HeaterControlSM:
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As long as the iMode.iSig switch is 1 (on) the HeaterControlSM will cycle between Off and On as it tries to drive the heater to achieve the targetHumidityPct, comparing it with the input iHumidityPct.rSig, subject to a small thresholdPct.

The heater power ratio is set to either fully on (1.0) or fully off (0.0).

If it receives an iMode.iSig switch 0 while in the On state it moves to Off.

Remember always that:

The heater power ratio is sent via the Port oHeaterPowerRatio to the VaporGenerationPlant, so let's now dive in and examine it.

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