BDD: SimpleDomesticInverterAirCon

This shows a more detailed "focus" Block Definition Diagram (BDD) for the «system» block SimpleDomesticInverterAirCon:
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Here more detail is shown about the internal component parts of the SimpleDomesticInverterAirCon «system» block. They are shown here as Block symbols on the ends of non-navigable composition Associations, and it this case likewise with their parts listing compartments showing (just as a modelling choice here).

We again see properties typed by Air, VariableFrequencyPower, and variations on Refrigerant, which are to be used for ItemFlow packets that flow and transform (as we'll see later in an Internal Block Diagram (IBD) for the «system context» block).

Notice how we get some reuse of the 'i' and 'o' Ports of Fan by having ExternalBlower and ChillerFan extend it.

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