Dr Darren explains: Why I am not offering SysML diagrams on some of my LinkedIn TIP postings

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Dr Darren explains:
Recently I've been offering a lot of tips on the LinkedIn groups for MBSE, SysML, and MagicDraw/Cameo, and I've been doing it in plain language, without including any diagrams, inviting those who wish to learn from the tips to just read them, think about them, and try them. This is why.

This might seem like a strange policy, given how insistent I usually am on people using their MBSE tools to generate content and communicate with SysML as much as possible. But I have particular reasons for doing it in this case.

When I prepare instructional diagrams, I upload them to trails on this site, and I have certain Webel practices and policies I apply that are cross referenced on this site. They are not always in a suitable format for use outside the context of the slide tutorial trails here.

I don't want readers of those particular LinkedIn postings to have to leave the LinkedIn site. And I also don't want those postings to act as promotion, they are for sharing with the LinkedIn MBSE, SysML, and MagicDraw/Cameo communities.

Also, offering the tips in plain language enables me to do it very quickly, without disrupting my other work too much, and without any fussing over the visual standard of the diagrams (you'll know from this site I have pretty high slightly OCD standards when it comes to presentation of SysML diagrams).

Above all, I want my readers to learn to think in terms of SysML using just internal visualisation. If you are already learning the language a bit, you should be able by now to discuss SysML models and modelling with other SysMLers without any actual diagrams or tools at all. This is not, of course, to say that ultimately creating the actual SysML Diagrams is not important. I want you to create actual SysML Diagrams, but in this case, for these tips, I want you to have a go at doing it yourselves, not just looking at how I did it.

So enjoy the tips, and then give them a go in MagicDraw/Cameo or your SysML tool!

When I do offer links from LinkedIn to this Webel IT Australia site, it's usually in the form of full slide tutorial trails, not just individual diagrams, so that they are part of a bigger modelling practice picture.

If you want to start learning SysML, you are welcome to view our free public online starter trail: Or attend our workshop course:
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