Screencast: The LogicalWrapper: A proposal for a new element for UML and SysML


This 4K narrated screencast video accompanies the white paper of the same name by Darren Kelly of Webel IT Australia available at: https://webel.com.au/omg/sysml/2019-11-18-Darren-Kelly-Webel-IT-Austral…

The formal tool-independent part of the presentation is a 17:10 mins duration, followed by an informal exploration of some related aspects in the MagicDraw tool in an Appendix 12:32 mins duration (total duration 29:42 mins).

Course: Model-based systems engineering with the OMG's Systems Modeling Language (SysML®) and the SysML Plugin for MagicDraw® and Cameo™

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MagicDraw UML zone

Dr Darren of Webel IT Australia is a long-term MagicDraw® user, and previously worked for the developers No Magic Inc as a consultant and trainer (Expert Advisor for Science, Engineering, and Education).
This zone is primarily about applications of MagicDraw® to software engineering wi