SysMLv1: MagicDraw/Cameo: Oh no, I lost my part or reference property? Where did it go? The Symbol Properties option for 'Show Association ends as Attributes' may help you find it!

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Dr Darren says:
If only I had a dollar for every time I've encountered this one ...

It is recommended that every new MagicDraw/Cameo SysML user explore the 'Show Association ends as Attributes' option under the Symbol Properties for Block symbols. The image above shows some cases.

The usual mode is 'Without Association Symbol', although you can use 'All' to show a Property always, even when it is also show as the 'memberEnd' of an Association. The mode 'None' is useful sometimes, but can also seem to make Properties simply "vanish"! As always you can check in the model browser too.

Make sure you have the symbol options display level set to 'All' (not even 'Expert' is enough) then leave it that way forever!

For a full explanation visit also:

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