The Webel recipe for pragramatic SE with SysML omits many of the concerns addressed by fully-fledged systems engineering frameworks. Many of these can be partially addressed by using custom Stereotypes for extraction using query view tables.

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The Webel recipe for pragmatic SE with SysML is intended primarily to pragmatically introduce at least some separation of logical «blackbox» and «whitebox» modelling within a 'problem' analysis zone from design and implementation solution modelling within a separate 'solution' zone. For example:

The Webel recipe for pragmatic SE with SysML is NOT a fully-fledged systems engineering architecture framework. It intended for educational illustration of concepts such as logical subsystems and functional analysis and for use on relatively simple projects using SysML for MBSE.

It omits explicit treatment of all of the following, although these concerns can also by included: the SE architecture itself (in UAF terminology Architecture Management), strategic and capability management, separate service-oriented views, personnel, other enabling resources, security aspects and assets, project milestones and roadmaps, separate standards views, motivational elements, taxonomies.

Many of the above can be addressed on simpler projects pragmatically by introducing custom Sterotypes that relate to those concerns and extracting them using query view tables to create stakeholder views.

A single SystemContext block IBD is used as a proxy for ALL Views and ViewPoints.

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