Hybrid SUV example: Ports with required/provided Interfaces (Block Definition Diagram)

While the DirectedFeatures capability of SysML is extremely powerful (and indeed the display options of SysML make DirectedFeatures easy to expose on IBDs), some users may still wish to use good ol' UML Interfaces for contracts because:
  • You wish to use Interfaces in combination with model-driven software engineering.
  • You wish to use the so-called Dependency Wiring tool support in MagicDraw/Cameo.
  • You wish to use the active validation support for connections in MagicDraw/Cameo (which is not yet available for SysML DirectedFeatures).

This diagram (adapted from the SysML spec's Hybrid SUV sample problem) shows the definitions of some Blocks with Ports that have types that provide (InterfaceRealization) or require (Usage) Interfaces.

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