Calculate wavelengths from frequencies and compare EM regions in a table


Values for the wavelength range for radio are calculated for an instance radio:RegionRadio from stated frequency range values using SysML Parametrics in Cameo Systems Modeler® or Cameo Simulation Toolkit® and compared with stated values.

A table also includes instances of each of the other regions modelled so far, with stated wavelength ranges. (The cut-off point for "optical" infrared is relatively arbitrary.)

And the instances are also shown on a Package Diagram.

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A quick tool tip:
The SysML Parametrics calculation was launched from the radio:RegionRadio row of the table, not from the instance symbol in a BDD or Package Diagram because:

The agreement between the stated and calculated wavelength ranges is exact (at least to the accuracy shown).

There is a slight overlap between UV and visible as gleaned from Wikipedia so far, but this is not a big concern:

More worrying is that sub-millimeter infrared is completely missing, but we saw earlier in the trail how taking values from partially inconsistent snippets from Wikipedia has led to this (and we saw also how the  Webel Parsing Analysis recipe for SysML® enables us to record such issues).

OK, it's time to gather and focus some visible light with some basic optical reflector telescopes. For the rest of this trail section we will not be dealing at all with radio, infrared, or ultraviolet.

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