IBD: Figure 48: Internal structure of the signal processor

The slide shows the trail versions of the SignalProcessor Internal Block Diagram (IBD) Figure 48: Internal structure of the signal processor (but with Port labels once again optionally displayed inside the Port symbols):
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You should be able to see the correspondence with the original sketch:

The IBD shows the initialValues compartments for a:Amplifier, hPF:HighPassFilter, and lPF:LowPassFilter.

Once again this tool display option has been used:

The spec version of the diagram has overlapping Connectors from a to hPF and lPF, with a "phantom" fork that has no correspondence to a SysML model element. If you've been following this entire trail carefully you'll already know this is not Webel Best Practice:

Amongst other things, it leads to SysML modelling problems such as: Dr Darren says:
I am not sure whether "bang on about" is considered an impolite expression. If you are new to SysML, or attending one of the Webel courses, or studying the Webel Best Practice modelling recommendations, I really don't want you to mimic overlapping Connector paths when working with SysML, even if you've seen it in some other diagramming tools, and even if you've seen it in a SysML or SysPhS spec sample diagram.

It's time to give the components some juice with some ConstraintBlocks as shown next .

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