ARCHIVAL (2022): This content is now considered historical only!

MagicDraw/Cameo 19SP3/v2022xGolden: [FIXED in v2022xRefresh1]: Activity Diagrams: Pin display mode 'Position of Labels' does not work correctly for 'Name And Type Labels Inside', only shows the Name inside (not the Label) [and WORKAROUND]

 ARCHIVAL (2022): This content is now considered historical only!
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This appears to be (largely) fixed in v2022x Refresh1. Many thanks CATIA/NoMagic support!

As an historical record only (or users of older versions)

WORKAROUND: You can still use the feature with some baby-sitting, it is really worthwhile, it makes Activity Diagrams much easier to read:
  • Make all Object Flow connections to the Pins BEFORE changing the default Symbol Properties setting for Position of Labels for each Pin from the usual default 'Outside' to 'Name and Type Labels Inside' (otherwise something weird happens and it introduces extra spaces in the you can no longer remove).
  • Then (and only then) select all Pins and set Position of Labels to ''Name and Type Labels Inside''.
  • At first, each of your Pin labels with be scrunched up inside its little Pin square/rectangle which is the bug.
  • Then simply resize each Pin symbol to enclose your label, it really does not take long and is worth doing .

The very simple attached example is from the Webel Recipe for SysML-friendly Wolfram Language coding for Mathematica. When you get more complex Activity Diagrams, you'll really find this approach handy.

Rather annoyingly, the workaround itself does not always "stick":

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