ARCHIVAL (2022): This content is now considered historical only!

[FIXED in v2022Refresh1]: BUG: MagicDraw/Cameo: 19SP3/v2022xGolden: Activity Diagrams: Pin display mode 'Position of Labels' does not stick, label positions in Diagrams have sometimes moved after re-opening a project [and "FIX"]

 ARCHIVAL (2022): This content is now considered historical only!
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This issue appears to be (largely) fixed in v2022x Refresh1. Many thanks CATIA/NoMagic support!

If you are still using v2022Golden, here you'll find a related issue concerning a Pin display mode with a workaround:

Unfortunately, there is another related bug. After you've applied the workaround, on re-opening the project, the Pin labels in some diagrams have sometimes mysteriously moved! If you look at the Symbol Properties, you might find the Pin label mode has switched back to 'Outside'.

The not so convenient "fix" is to select an InputPin, then 'Select of the Same Type' (under the Edit menu or using the appropriate hotkeys for your system), then apply the 'Name and Type labels inside' mode again, then repeat for OutputPins.

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