Mathematica: The awesome Quantity system for values with units is everything the SysMLv1.x Quantity/Unit system should have been (and hopefully SysMLv2 will be). But it comes at a high performance cost!

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Dr Darren says:
If you are using physical quantities with units you can make them Quantity items across your entire project or application and enjoy safe units-aware computations with little extra effort.

And most other more primitive languages that can't do this aren't ... the Wolfram Language!

Ever "painted" the units for a value in your user interface instead of interrogating a deep Quantity for its Unit and using that? Don't! Be DRY and use the Single Source of Truth (SSoT). Get real and use a units-aware system like Mathematica with completely consistent propagation and automated conversions.
Too good to be true? Well, unfortunately as of MMA there are currently two major performance hits (reported already to Wolfram Support):
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