GOTCHA: Mathematica v13.2+: Operations on "DegreesFahrenheit" °F and "DegreesCelsius" °C are now performed using Kelvins (K). CASE: Naive percentage operation gives answer relative to Kelvins. Use "DegreesCelsiusDifference"/"DegreesFahrenheitDifference"!

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Naively using "DegreesCelsius" instead of "DegreesCelsiusDifference" as the Quantity unit:

  Quantity[90.0, "DegreesCelsius"]/
  Quantity[100.0, "DegreesCelsius"] 


The result is the percentage relative to Kelvins.

Correctly using "DegreesCelsiusDifference":

 Quantity[90.0, "DegreesCelsiusDifference"]/
 Quantity[100.0, "DegreesCelsiusDifference"] 


The result is the percentage relative to 0 °C.

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