Satisfying Requirements and the Satisfy relationship

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The Requirement is claimed to be satisfied by both a Block VolumeControl and an Activity ControlVolume, presenting a complication: Also: In this case we'll assert that every VolumeControl of this home entertainment system meets the requirement, so we won't also specify that the volumeControl:VolumeControl part of block SoundSystem also satisfies the Requirement.

We'll see later how we can then enforce a satisfaction policy rules such as:

'If a part property is typed by a block that satisfies the requirement, by default the part property also satisfies the requirement'

'If a block has a part that directly satisfies a requirement, the block also indirectly satisfies the requirement'

SysML does not specify many rules for Satisfaction because: However, you get some nice tool help for such rules: We'll explore implied satisfaction in more detail a bit later when we see how use the Satisfy Requirement Matrix system in the tool, but next we look quickly at the Trace relationship.
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