Webel: SysMLv1: MagicDraw/Cameo: CON: Using anonymous property and/or action names is not ideal for Element Compartment and Note callout displays when Usage level allocation is used. But allocation table and matrix views are better anyway.

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The usual Webel Best Practices for SysML recommendation is to use anonymous block properties and anonymous actions where possible:

One place this causes a minor display problem in the MagicDraw/Cameo tool is in Element Properties for 'allocateTo' and 'allocatedFrom' in compartments and in callouts to Notes when usage level allocation from CallBehaviorActions to part properties of a Block is being used, in which case it may not be clear which elements are involved in the allocation.

The display option Show Element Type in compartments does not actually show the Type (for allocatedTo) or the Behavior (for allocatedFrom) for anonymous elements for Note callouts or Element Properties compartments

For the sake of comparison, the Element Compartments are using SysML Callout Style and the Note callout is not.

In practice, it's not a big issue, and certainly not sufficient to overrule the benefits of using anonymous actions and anonymous properties (where practical). You can use the context menu items to navigate in the tool. And in any case, Allocate tables and matrices offer a better bigger picture view anyway.

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