Terminology: A Drancer is an "acceleration avatar" of the Drancing accelerometer music and visuals system

Because Dr Darren's Drancing accelerometer music and visuals synthesis system employs specifically acceleration, it has a special kind of "acceleration avatar" called a Drancer, where typically one Drancing performer (also known as a Drancer) typically wears 5 triaxial accelerometers in a "body star" pattern (reminiscent of Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man), which map to 3D Drancel RGB virtual synthesis atoms in the Drancer's acceleration avatar.

However, unlike many motion capture animation systems (such as those used in big budget films), where the emphasis is on spatial location, the Drancing system focuses "organically" on acceleration signals. So although the Drancer avatar can be represented in a physical space to remind us of the body star configuration, the mapped positions and perturbations (driven by conditioned accelerometer signals) of each virtual Drancel RGB in synthesised Drancing visuals are not intended to precisely reflect spatial positions.

So why does Drancing embrace acceleration alone in this way ? Because acceleration - unlike velocity or position - does not need a reference system, and this means that the Drancing system is in principle (and by design) able to be used anywhere, over a very large region, while riding your bike, or exercising, or dancing, or jogging, anywhere, anytime, even underwater or in space, without the need for a reference system.
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