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Dr Darren of Webel IT Australia is a long-term MagicDraw® user, and previously worked for the developers No Magic Inc as a consultant and trainer (Expert Advisor for Science, Engineering, and Education).
This zone is primarily about applications of MagicDraw® to software engineering with Unified Modeling Language (UML®). For the MagicDraw® product bundle for model-based systems engineering with Systems Modeling Language (SysML®) please see the Cameo Systems Modeler® zone.
Please note that the Webel Best Practice notes for both UML® and SysML® and for the MagicDraw and Cameo tools are combined here.

DISCLAIMER: Webel IT Australia does not represent No Magic or Dassault Systèmes - the developers of the MagicDraw® UML, MD SysML Plugin, Cameo Systems Modeler®, and Cameo Simulation Toolkit® tools. Please refer sales and technical support questions to No Magic. Webel IT Australia offers IT Training Courses in UML® and SysML® and in expert use of these supporting tools.
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