TRAIL: Webel SysML Parsing Analysis demo: The Mars Society University Rover Challenge 2020

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In Oct 2020, a demonstration of the  Webel Parsing Analysis recipe for SysML® was performed using the rules from the Mars Society University Rover Challenge 2020 as the target domain source document.

This trail is a record (only) of a demonstration project, it is NOT intended as a full tutorial trail - although you might still learn something about Systems Modeling Language (SysML®) from it.

This trail is accompanied by:

  • SysML model on a private university server TeamWork Cloud.
  • A PDF slide set of selected collated exported SysML diagrams.
  • An informal narrated screencast video of simulation of some of the Activity Diagrams and StateMachines in Cameo Simulation Toolkit®.

Access to these resources is currently available on request only to potential IT Training and SysML/MBSE Consultancy clients for the purposes of assessment.

Please email or phone Webel IT Australia on +61 405 029 008 to arrange on-site, off-site, or live remote web training seminars and workshops
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