DEMO: Webel SysML Parsing Analysis: The Mars Society University Rover Challenge 2020 (PDF slides and simulation video)

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In Oct 2020, a demonstration of the  Webel Parsing Analysis recipe for SysML® was performed using the rules from the Mars Society University Rover Challenge 2020 as the target domain source document.

This is a record (only) of a demonstration project, it is not intended as a full tutorial trail and assumes you already know some Systems Modeling Language v1 (SysML®).

The demonstration materials consist of:

  • A SysML model on a private university server TeamWork Cloud prepared with the MagicDraw SysML Plugin (Magic Cyber-Systems Engineer® (Cameo Systems Modeler®)).
  • A publically downloadable PDF slide set (100 pages) of selected collated exported SysML diagrams with a preface and some minimal explanations.
  • A publically viewable informal narrated screencast video of simulation of some of the Activity Diagrams and StateMachines in Magic Model Analyst® (Cameo Simulation Toolkit®) .
Access to the PDF slide set is provided primarily for potential SysML/MBSE Consultancy clients and SysML/MBSE IT Training clients for the purposes of assessment.

Other resources on the Webel Parsing Analysis recipe for SysML

Visit also the Policy Note pages for the  Webel Parsing Analysis recipe for SysML®.

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